Homemade Gift Ideas for Kids Birthday Party

Homemade Gift Ideas – Making a homemade gift for kids is something quite fun to do. When you have kids, they will be invited to their classmate’s birthday party frequently.

Attending those parties requires you to bring gift or present for the birthday boy or girl. If you have a limited budget to buy the gift, the best way to save money here is to make your own DIY gift. Read more about it down below.

Making Easy Homemade Gift for Kids

You do not have to be extremely crafty and talented to make the homemade gift. Also, you do not even have to spend a lot of money on buying the gift’s materials as most of them can be found already in the house.

Down below, there are three clever DIY ideas to make a gift for kids. Select one of them and make it for the next birthday party.

Animal Crayons

Kids love crayons. They use them for drawing and decorating. Instead of the regular-shaped crayon, you can make animal crayons. All you need to prepare is scrap crayons and an animal silicone mold. Place the scrap crayons inside the mold and bake it in the oven. The crayon is now in cute animal shape and it is just the perfect homemade gift for arty-crafty kids out there.

Monster Glove Dolls

When you have old gloves at home and you do not use them anymore, turn them into this cute homemade gift. You only need to prepare cotton stuffing and some googly eyes.

Stuff the glove with the cotton stuffing. Seal the top with a glue gun or sew them. Then, decorate the doll with googly eyes and draw the mouth, teeth and the rest of the face using a marking pen.

Fun Glitter Slime

Everyone knows that kids are crazy about slime. They do love playing slime all the time. Instead of purchasing store-bought slime, you can make one on your own and use it as a gift. You need to prepare white glue, shaving cream, dish soap, and glitter. Mix all those ingredients together until they form slime.

Bringing a fun-looking gift for kids does not have to drain your fortune. All you have to do is being very clever in finding the idea and looking for the materials in the house.

Now that you know all the best ideas, you can start making the gift and next time a birthday party is coming up, there is no way you should spend money on it. You already have the homemade gift ready to go.

Great Ideas for Inexpensive Homemade Gift

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