96 Remarkably Useful Things To Do With A Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Gun

Have you ever questioned all the essential things you can do with a hot glue gun? They’re our favorite crafting device, and they have so many great uses around the house as well – so much so that we believe they need to consist of in every toolkit.

Today we’re sharing 96 of the greatest and also most practical usages for a warm adhesive weapon. You’ll be asking yourself why you never obtained one before!

What are Hot Glue Guns?

You may be acquainted with a range of various kinds of glue, yet hot glue is very different. The weapon utilizes warm to melt sticks of a thermoplastic adhesive.

The glue is stable enough for small crafts and also Do It Yourself jobs. It’s mouldable as well as peels off away quickly from a lot of surface areas. Because of this, it’s a fantastic adhesive to make use of for temporary repairs!

Hot Glue Gun 1

Hot Glue Gun 2

Hot Glue Gun 3

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