96 Wedding Gifts For Couple

61. Necklace

Neckband with blossom shape and precious stones.

62. Handmade Neckband

Neckband wad made by the northern country (Mansi). It will give its proprietor -Good fortune. This accessory was made of birch bark and hide of the wild squirrel.

63. Necklace

A stone and metal jewelry against a dark surface.

64. Golden Pendant

Brilliant pendant segregated on white.

65. Gift Presents at a Wedding or Birthday Party

A clear visitor book at a wedding or birthday with presents on a table, wrapping says: Like the hover of a ring love is for eternity.

66. Eat, Drink & Be Married Cutting Board

67. To the Happy Couple! Mason Jars

68. Eat Drink & Be Married Wood Beverage Chiller

69. I Do, Me Too Mason Jars

70. Home Key Hook

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